My husband is now on one of your electronic cigs to help him stop smoking. I don't mind him vaping in the house since there is no smoke. He doesn't stink like smoke anymore and his breath is a lot better! Best of all, no more yellow stains on the basement ceiling! I hope your new place is an incredible success.

Kathy Pollauf

Good, knowledgeable staff and the only place I have been to where they let you taste the product before purchase.

Kyle Nicholson

Everyone there is so nice and helpful! I love there flavor's and great prices.

Jodi Lovett

They are very knowledgeable and they had what nobody else had! I NEEDED a replacement piece of glass for my big beast tank and they are the only ones who had it in town. They had great deals on grab bags it was so cute and they were only five bucks it was an awesome store they had everything and were so knowledgeable I'm changing from my current store to this one love it love it love it 5 stars.

Robyn Lantz

A beautiful store. Great customer service and great selections.

Audrey Cullison

Just wanted to let you know ~ I had been smoking since I was 13 years old. I will be 54 in August. Today marks 1 year (March 12th) since I started using my vapor and quit those nasty cigarettes!! I am sooo proud of myself!! Really wanted to say THANK YOU for having a location in Port Clinton and helping me with everything over the past year. Love the store and everyone working there. They are all great people!!

Theresa Siders

I didn't know jack about vape stuff, but the ladies filled me in perfectly and showed me the 180+ totally natural, pesticide/chem/etc.-free flaves. Worth the little drive from Sandusky to get juice without, y'know, antifreeze and the other usual junk.

Devin Ackerman

I enjoy the fact that you can try all their flavors before you buy them. I originally started e-cig's with Revolver, but I switched to VAPORS now because of that. Also, what swayed my decision is their prices are better and their products last a lot longer.

Brandyn Cox

Excellent shop! The guys are super nice, the shop is clean and comfy, and they make their own juice which is certified organic. Great flavors and good prices, but the service can't be beat.

Nat Stahl