Bad Apple E-Liquid.

Bad Apple E-Liquid 60ML

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Bad Apple E-Liquid By Bad Drip.


Why choose between a red apple or green apple when you can have Both with Bad Apple by Bad Drip. If you are a fruit lover and enjoy a delicious rendition of sour Granny Smith Apples paired with Sweet slices of Ripe Red Apples then Bad Drip has got you covered. With each vape you will experience a perfect combination of flavors that you can only find taking a bite of that tasty fruit. Everything from the distinct and slightly tarty apple skin all the way down to the juicy and sweet core. Bad Drip Bad Apple is the perfect flavor for vape enthusiasts that are looking for a fruit flavor that will reward your taste buds all day long.

With each inhale of Bad Apple your taste buds will be greeted by a vibrant kick of green apples. It will dazzle your taste receptors with its yummy and tarty flavor profile while the natural sweet tasting pulp provides a nice flavor base. During the exhale of Bad Apple a timeless and unforgettable red apple flavor will emerge and provide you with an extremely satisfying end to this marvelous flavor.