TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizers 5pcs

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TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizers 5pcs

TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizers (5 Pack)

TFV8 Baby or Big Baby Beast Tank Atomizers (5 Pack)

V8-Q2 - .4Ω Dual Coils  40-80W / BEST: 55-65W

V8-X4 - .15Ω Quadruple Coils  30-70W . BEST: 45-60W

V8-T8 - .15Ω Octuple Coils  50-110W / BEST: 60-80W

V8-T6 - .2Ω Sextuple Coils  40-130W / BEST: 70-90W

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